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If you get a chance to choose, is it a good thing or not? 
6th-Feb-2013 10:05 pm
Mark Zuckberg
People always say that people should feel luckly if they got a chance to choose.For one thing, chance to choose, it means the initiative is still on your hands. For another, chance to choose means you have to right to individualize you life and your future.
But for now, I got an awful lot of chances to make my decisions, which makes me rather annoyed and sometims even worried.
Like the chance to choose the places to have my further study or the graduate education.
I mean I don't know whether I should go to freign countries or stay in the homeland.It's impossible to hold the both ways,which will leads to my failures.So I have to make a choice, as far as possible and as early as possible.
Things are too much complicated than the former periods.
I got a lot of things to consider: friends, family, financial ability, the career, the future, the happiness, and so on.
Fine, I will figure out the problems before I have my final decision.
Sleep well!
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