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no name 
12th-Feb-2013 01:00 pm
Mark Zuckberg
Today is the first day of the Chineses lunar new year, my two little sister came back to the city.
I have to recognize that at before I did hope my sisters can leave alone because they are really annoyed and for above all I am still a little sister and I can’t control my temper well enough to deal with the stuff.
But what I am going to say now is that as soon as they leave me, they somethings sad created in my mind that I boring and ainm’t not to anything without the laughter and the crying.
Although these days I have I have been sacrifice sometimes into the babysitting but these how things keep me motivated to live and this how I can get the familyship after 4 months of absence.
So at this time, I finally have an idea that you may not have knowledge of what is going to be lost until the moment that you lose them.
Ok, forget about the sad things and what you see is not the real thing that you will lose , in other words you haven’t lost, but learning, learning how to grow up.
People will not grow up until he or she has been through some kind of pains and hardship.
This is why I am not really happy though I planned to because I was finally getting freedom.
It’s 11th now, the next semester is coming near and near. If I don’t planned the time purposefully, I may not get to my destiny sooner or later.
Just get start right now!
Now the only way to rid the evil laziness out of your mind is to find the boring substance of the suck dimming things. That’s how I think about it.
Now I gonna sleep. !
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