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no name 
12th-Feb-2013 01:01 pm
Mark Zuckberg
It’s already the second day of the lunar new year.I haven’t recocered from the time-losing related sadness.Things must have to be changed sooner or later. Thus today I have to something to take my mind of the weakness of my mind and rid the evil soul out of my mind.
Last night, I had been talking about the relationship beteew the cousins.
Now, I think I have got some very important ideas about the stuff.
You got dreams to realize and what you value most is not the same definition of others.
So we can safely get into a conclusion that in the way of chasing dreams, there is always the only one of your and you are alone and nobody has ever thought about whether you fell down or climbed a new height so don’t you, for every individual has its own destiny and no one has the responsibility to help you to fulfill you destiny.
So right now do you think you have recovered from the upset feelings?

It’s now or ever. Reflecting the old days, do you have a pity for the lost chances to persuit a higher level? Believe it or not, it’s the last chance for your hold your dreams tightly. So do you think you still have the right or possibility to waste your time and drag your pace? Obviously, you can’t.
There had been so many times that you have witness the upcoming of the goals, but you let it escape from the hands.

The exams of the high school , the college entrance examination, even the final exams of the fall semester of freshman, have past away. So you do not always think about the happy times or heart-break times. The wheel of the history is rolling into the deep deep future. The moment you are talking about the old things, you have waste your invaluable present motivation.
No matter how awful the days or how interesting the days were in the last semester, they all are the a back shadows and things will be restarted in the beginning of the next semester and you will start from the same line.

I’m writing to tell you that besides saying pity for the lost past, you have a lot of more important things to handle, like acquire some knowledge of philosophy by reading of western history of philosophy and for above all you will have to make good preparations for the graduate exams.
There are GRE and TOFEL and GMAT. And you’d better make good preparation for every single one.
What’s more important is that you’d better find your directions, and I don’t think I have done well in the last semester. You have to make you plan into efforts and plans are not merely plans and they should guide you to where you have been desire and which height you are willing to climb up to.

No one has the ability to say no to your dreams, not your friends, not your teachers, not you uncle, not even your parents. Things will not truly fall into a place where it’s hard to save until the moment you say no to yourself.

University is a good place where you can individualize your soul and your thought. There you don’t have to recognize the others’ like-ability. The only one you have to please is your own.
But there’s something conginal to the freedom, the balance. To make your life goes fluently and not to get involed into a painful situations, you gonna firm your ability of handling the things in balance. Time needs to be balanced, subject needs to be balanced, the work time and the entertainment time needs to be balanced, the friendship and the self time needs to be balanced, more importantly, giving back to the patents and other old people and thanks their help and the procedures of the individual dreams needs to be balanced. Things in life didn’t happen singly and it has a complex system, because of which we lead a happy life by going through some tough times. So you have to grasp every minute to make your things into resolved, which I am not just talking about the study. I am talking about the whole work of life and happiness.
Ok, that’s what I’m going to say this morning.
Yea, it’s on. I like Mark Zuckerberg and facebook partly because I love the concentration that he puts into his career, I love his willingness to chase his important things that he knows exactly and never ever changed his attitude towards his fain, the high IQ of his blain, and I have to say that I really love the advanced technology of the computers and programming especially with a laptop. And this why I choose to buy a laptop, but partly.
Today I have been talking too much, but I don’t really care about the substances. OK, a moment before I have talked about the family and the dreams. Seeing from today’s situation, it was. My grandparents wanted me to stay with them, but what is contrary to their ideas is that I have to continue my pace after been set aside for such a long period.
Tonight I am sitting in my bedroom and doing nothing but typing the stupid thing and boring thing.
Ok, I can not take it any more because I am very sleepy right now in this moment.
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