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You got one thing, then you will lose another, what do you think? 
23rd-Mar-2013 06:35 pm
Mark Zuckberg
There days I have been worrying about my plan about the English improval and the enhance of all kinds of the Engish, so that I can easily revise all the knowledge of the graduate recording examinations. But you know that it will be too complicated to balance the time and the energy between of the daily subjects and the English learning. Fortunately, I have found a way to solve these problems, which is not so difficult and that is to lower the destiny, which have been too far to reach. I gonna asure myself that this wont be a serious stuff because I get something and may equally lose something, known or unknown. I will spend less time on the required subjects, which you think that would definitely be risking. My answer is yes, that is a small risk, since risk is something that you have to face whenever you want to achieve something esle. So I decided to risk myself, anyway it did worth a try.
First I will memorize the words in the red cover word book and then I will spend more time on the reading and the webpage news reading. During this period, I will not pratising my oral English and my writting skills.
One step by another step, so I don't have that competence to these kind of stuff at the same time.
Along with this period, I may not be able to think deeply into the mathemactics or the organic chemistry problem, or even the physics.
But never mind, you gonna finish you plan by the end of this semester, that is keep the GPA above the 3.6 and then enhance your English greatly no matter on the reading or speaking.
So come on, I know you can do it.
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