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5th-Feb-2013 11:19 pm - Boring!
Mark Zuckberg
Ok,it's almost 11pm now.It's been really tired now, for I've been spending a day to select my laptop, and I finally had my last decision,which really opposed to my original decision.Guess what I finally choose Lenovo Thinkpad L430,which is armed with an i3 CPU and 500 giga bytes hard disk.To my great relief, the reasonable mind defeated the unreasonable mind.Yea!
2nd-Feb-2013 09:51 pm - I‘ve been making great progress!
Mark Zuckberg
Tonight I made great progress in the word typing game: the first to catch the "thief".I have dreamed so much about the moment , the moment I can speed up fluently and run in a high speed.
You know that I'm not afraid, even I was turned out to be a failure in high school, even I'm nothing to the others, but I'm not a main character but a meaningless costar, even nobody had ever showed any attention to such a poor soul, even in so many nights that I can not count any more that cried and cried and things just can not changed, even my teachers tried to get rid of me, even my some kind of "friends" played jokes on dignity.So what? So what?I don't really care about it .For now, I'm the one who has his own derection and his own destiny,and what's more he won't chase after others' ass any more and he has sweared that he would return where he was now with everything he had ever desired and gave some color to those who had never been noticing him and he will.
Tomorow he has no plan to go to the teachers-thanks party.He doesn't think that he has anything to thank about the teachers and above all the party is just some kind of boring moment the students who got good grades in the college entrance examination previously.Why I have to be there? Do I need to please those guy?What if I cheat him like an ass-hole?
It's not easy to escape from the unpleasant places in the dark periods and avoid those I hated, for now I should be going to make a return?!
I don't think so!
Mark Zuckberg
This is a very amazing day and fastest typing speed can reach 106 words per minute,which is a really amazing speed.But in average , I just got an 80 words per minute.The most difficult part is how to change the captalization from lower-case letters and in this part I alawy make mistakes and I will have to slow down, which influence my average typing speed greatly.By now , it's the part that I should put my effort into it. Above all, the functional ability of my left hand is still weak, so I should try more to overconme the difficulties.Isn't true?
1st-Feb-2013 10:52 am - I install the Macbuntu
Mark Zuckberg
It's really very awesome!And my ubuntu desktop is becoming very beautiful!
Mark Zuckberg
You don't believe it I pass the final test of the English words typing . Now for the record I'm going to finish the sentence typing .
Now I'm still typing lettle by lettel, but one day I think I can type word by word.

OK, I'm going to say something others.
This days I had been telling about my father. He never stops battle with my grandma or my grandma never stops battling with my father.I don't know the reason why mother and her son can go into that situation even if she has a lot of sons or daughters and she has her own preference.And I'm trying not to get involved into the complicated stuff because these family stuff is really a mess. Putting my effort into somewhere else is much better than being a judge.

This is for tonight!
30th-Jan-2013 09:29 pm - I'm speeding up my typing speed
Mark Zuckberg
Believe it or not, tonight when I check my typing speed I found that I have already reached 85 words per minute.It's really a great improvement for me as a new learner in the English typing.I wanna say that I won't drag my feet in acceralate my typing speed and I think I can reach 250 words per minute, that is the most ideal situation(mark zuckerbrg has that kind of speed).Now that the VAIO is coming I will keepo pracitsing in the Spring Festival.

But sonething not happy in the afternoon happened that my two little sister quarraled and fighted with each other , which really annoyed me and although I have been trying to separete them , it's wired that my little silsters hate me to do this kind of thing and one of them even cried like with great sorrow. Am I so annoyed and hated?

OK, I'm tired and I need to read my books and get some sleep!
29th-Jan-2013 09:17 pm - I vote for SONY VAIO
Mark Zuckberg
Tonight through a-night long selection, finally I settle mysef in the Vaio E14, the cheapest sony laptop on sale.But some people are saying for SONY, but I tell myself that I should select the one I like.Thus Idecided to buy Sony no matter who is going to talk me off.That's it!
Mark Zuckberg

When I open my ubuntu again, I realize that my Chinese input method was completely out of effect.Althogh I don't really care about the usage of the input method,but my mom does.

So this time I am downloading the completle version of the language support package.The speed is awful slow!</>

It's half past 8pm now,I'd better finish it quickly because I have to spend some review the typing and at the same time learning something new

Mark Zuckberg

Through a great deal of hard work last night,I installed the Ubuntu on my PC, which is an Linux system and it's much better than Windows,I think, in some fields.

And it's not until this morning that I realized that I need to put in more efforts to get myself familiar with this newly installed system.

Things funny may occured when I always want fresh the page but I can not find the fresh botton on the list of the right botton.Seen from an old windows user, there're lots of difference between the Linux and the windows

Now I am quite sure that this time I can solve the problem indepently.

So in the coming days I will return to my books and I will acquire lots of knowledge in the philosophy and beautilsm.Tsust me!

25th-Jan-2013 10:41 pm - Erica Albright is not a bitch!
Mark Zuckberg

You're not the CEO,bitch.All the BU girls are not a bitch!Bitch!

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